The Five C’s of Creating Change Successfully

Create change successfully

Creating change successfully can feel hard, uncomfortable, and like a mountain to climb. That can leave you feeling stuck and overwhelmed.    

At times like that, it is useful to focus on factors that will help you set yourself up to succeed. Here are five important factors to give some time and attention to:    

1.            Clarity

Without clarity, the change you want to create is at risk before you start. That’s because if your level of clarity is vague it is very difficult to create meaningful action plans to create tangible results. Clarity enables you to map out a clear way forward with specific action plans that will deliver specific results. 

2.            Consistency

The change you want to create won’t happen without consistent focus and action. Identify and put in place things that you need to be consistent with to create the change you want successfully. Consider things like behaviours as well as the tasks you need to do. Focus on taking small steps consistently and persistently.  

3.            Confidence 

No amount of clarity, goals, or planning is going to create the change you want to achieve if you lack confidence to move forward and take action. Lack of confidence will keep you stuck. Having said that, you don’t have to be busting with confidence before you start. Just taking the first step can be a massive confidence boost. It can fuel you to keep moving forward. Don’t underestimate the amount of confidence you can build from just getting into action. 

 4.            Curiosity 

When we are curious, we learn and gather information. This can be invaluable when figuring out how to navigate the path of change successfully. What you learn and the information you gather from being curious can help with things like better decision making, finding ways to get unstuck, resolving problems and challenges, effective planning, etc. Curiosity is a superpower when it comes to creating change successfully. Don’t overlook it. Foster it. 

5.            Courage 

Creating change can trigger a whole host of emotions to navigate, including fear, uncertainty, and discomfort. The challenge is to not let those things stop you or hold you back. Focus on fostering courage. Courage is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets.  The stronger your feelings of courage are the easier it is to navigate change successfully. Courage grows by taking action in the face of feelings of fear, uncertainty, and discomfort.   

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