With over 30 years of experience in personal, professional, and organisational change, I specialise in the human side of change, performance, and results. I help people create change to achieve what matters most to them using a process that integrates personal change agility development and practical change strategies with the right behaviours and habits to achieve specific results.

For the last 18 years, I have worked with private clients, groups, and organisations in several countries around the world. Prior to that, I spent 14 years in large corporate organisations, including Coca-Cola and Pepsi UK distributors. During my corporate career, my leadership roles included managing large complex change projects and leading teams to improve performance, achieve goals, and transform results.

In addition to my consultancy and coaching agency, I am the founder of Outside of the Circle, an organisation dedicated to helping high-achieving professionals at midlife and beyond, create change to design a new chapter in their life and work. Outside if the Circle is about a different kind of working, a different kind of living, and a different kind of success.  

My Mission  

My professional mission is to help make navigating change easier, simpler and to feel less of a struggle because, often, what people want most is just on the other side of the discomfort, challenges,  and uncertainty of the change process. 

My personal mission is to help people bring more fulfillment and meaning into life, work, business, and organisations.   

My Personal Story

Not only has change strategies been my life's work for over 30 years in my professional life, it is also been a big part of my personal life for the last 18 years too. I have taken everything I have learned about creating personal, professional, and organisational change over the last thirty-plus years and crafted it into my Change in Action programme to help people like you navigate the path of change successfully to achieve what matters most to you. 

This is my personal journey. As dawn broke on 1st January 2000, I was sat on top of my favourite mountain. As I watched the sun rising on a new millennium I decided it was time to create change to design my ideal life and work. My decision stemmed from feeling unfulfilled with the status quo in my life and corporate career.

In 2001, I left my corporate career and set up my current Consultancy and Coaching Agency. Making a career change gave me the freedom to live and work on my own terms, based on my own definition of success and what would be fulfilling and meaningful. 

I have moved countries twice! (from England to Ireland in 2006, and from Ireland to the West Coast of Canada in 2013). I continue to work on designing my life, work, and business as an ongoing process as each new chapter and stage of life evolves. 


You will receive regular strategies and resources on topics related to creating change to achieve what matters most to you.


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You will receive regular strategies and resources on topics related to creating change to achieve what matters most to you.