Stop tolerating what holds you back

There are things in our life and work that hold us back.

There are things in our life and work that will stop us from achieving what matters most.

There are things in our life or work that we wish were different.

Those things are not the problem. Doing nothing about them is the problem.

Often, we put up with things for weeks, months, and even years that sabotage our progress, results, and the way we want things to be.

The solution is to be proactive in identifying what you are tolerating and the impact that is having on your progress, results, and what matters most to you.

You can then use that information to create a plan for change and to proactively deal with those things.

What do you need to stop tolerating in your life and work? What small step can you take to start dealing with that toleration?

If this resonates for you, keep this in mind: 

What you tolerate persists. Stop tolerating. It could make the difference between achieving what matters most to you or staying stuck. 

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