Sometimes...(the ups and downs of life and work)

Change your life
Some thoughts on the ups and downs of life and work:  
Sometimes your life feels amazing.
Sometimes it feels like it sucks.
Sometimes you feel you can achieve anything.
Sometimes the voices of self-doubt are deafening.
Sometimes your work life is marching forward.
Sometimes you feel like it is going backward.
Sometimes your relationships are brilliant.
Sometimes they run into difficulty.
Sometimes you feel you could take on the world.
Sometimes you just want to crawl back to bed and pull the covers over your head.
Life is like the sea with tides that ebb and flow.
But, there are lots of things we can do to shift the odds to favour the good stuff over the bad stuff.
But expecting things to ALWAYS be good is setting ourselves up for some serious disappointment.
Keep this in mind:
Sometimes ALWAYS passes.
So, we must grab the good “sometimes” and make the most of them. We must look for ways to change ourselves, our lives, our work, and our relationships to shift the odds in their favour.
And we must respond appropriately to the not so good “sometimes” when they arise. Learn from them. Put things in place to reduce the chances of them raising their ugly heads again. Then move on.
Hanging on to stuff that has passed and you can’t change serves no useful purpose.
You can’t always choose what happens to you, but you can always choose how you respond.
“Sometimes” is part of the way life is.
I wrote this when I was going through a lot of personal and professional challenges many years ago. I still refer to it regularly as a source of inspiration during challenging times. I hope you enjoy it. Please share it with someone you feel would benefit to hear this. 

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