Design the next chapter of your life


Outside of the Circle is for you if:

  • you are questioning if the status quo in your life, work, career, or business is still what you want.
  • you feel ready for a new chapter but you are not sure how to make that happen.  
  • you feel at a crossroads and don't have clarity on your next steps or where to start so you feel stuck.  
  • you want more fulfillment and meaning in your life, work, or business than you feel you have currently.

If any of those statements resonate for you, you are in the right place. Ali's Outside of the Circle system teaches you exactly how to design your next chapter and turn it into reality to live and work on your own terms, by your own definition of success. There are two parts that make up the Outside of the Circle to the process:

Part 1 - The Next Chapter: Design Your Life, Redefine Your Work. - you will learn a step-by-step process to step outside of the circle of the status quo, redefine what success means to you, design your next chapter, and develop a clear plan of how to you will get from where you are to where you want to go. 

Part 2 - Change in Action - next, you will learn how to turn the next chapter and plans that you have designed into action and reality. You will learn a practical process to create the changes necessary to achieve the specific outcomes you want to make happen successfully. You can find more details on the Change in Action process here

The Outside of the Circle Community

You don't have to go through this process alone. You will be supported by a community of like-minded people who are also navigating the path of designing their next chapter. After attending one of our events, courses, workshops, or masterminds you will be eligible to join our private Outside of the Circle Facebook group. We are a global community supporting each other in stepping outside of the circle of the status quo, redefining success, and designing the next chapter. 

Who is Outside of the Circle for?

If you have lived and worked by the conventional definition of success for many years but have now reached a stage of life where you are questioning if that is still what you want or if there is something different that would be more fulfilling and meaningful to you, Outside of the Circle is for you. Ali's past clients have included business owners, corporate executives, CEOs, lawyers, and high-achieving professionals from many different industries.

Next steps

Outside of the Circle is available in various formats, including online and offline options, to meet individual preferences and budgets, including workshops, masterminds, groups, and retreats. Ali announces all her events to her email subscribers. If you would like to be kept informed you can subscribe to receive email updates at the bottom of this page.



Ali Davies - Founder of Outside of the Circle

 Ali has been designing her life and work and teaching other people to do the same since she left her corporate career 20 years ago. 

She knows exactly what it takes to design your life successfully. She created Outside of the Circle to share her process with those who want to design the next chapter of their life to succeed and thrive on their own terms, by their own definition of success.

In addition, Ali is a Change Strategist, Consultant, and Coach. She specializes in the human side of change. She has over 30 years of extensive knowledge and experience in personal, professional, and organizational change and development. 

She has been teaching people how to create change to achieve what matters most to them in their lives, work, businesses, and organizations for over 30 years.

"Ali is a very inspiring lady.  Her own experiences from the business world ensure she is very in touch with the needs of her clients whilst her understanding of personal development techniques mean that she is also an expert guide for clients making changes in their private life. I attribute my successful departure from corporate life and the creation of my own business to Ali’s expert coaching.”  Samantha Jung-Fielding, Business Owner.


“Having worked closely with Ali, I can only say everyone needs a mentor like her!  I like practical solutions to real issues and Ali helped all who attended the program find theirs.Claire Graham, Business Owner (PR and Retail Industry) 



"Ali’s expert coaching on change strategies have helped me enormously as I grow my business. Her insight into the beliefs and behaviours we have, how they impact our actions and how we can create new habits to change these, has allowed me to make a fundamental mindset shift and take bold action in my business. I would highly recommend her." Hayley McKenzie, CEO of Script Angel (Film and TV industry) 

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