Helping people create change to achieve what matters most to them.

Get strategies on how to achieve what matters most to you.

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Here are three ways Ali can help you:

Change in Action


Achieve the outcomes that matter most to you.

Change in Action is a step-by-step process to help you create and navigate change successfully. 

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The Next Chapter: Design Your Life. Redefine Your Work.


Design your life. Redefine Your Work.

A step-by-step process to help you to design the next chapter of your life successfully. 

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Outside of the Circle: A different kind of success


Online membership and community.

We help high-level professionals redefine success and create change to live and work on their own terms.

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Meet Ali Davies

Change Strategist and Coach.

Founder & CEO of Outside of the Circle.

Ali has been helping people create change in their life, work, and businesses to achieve what matters most to them for over 20 years. 

With over three decades of experience in the field of personal, professional, and organizational change, she specializes in the human side of change.

In addition to her work as a Change Strategist and Coach, she created Outside of the Circle (OOTC), an online membership and community of high-level professionals who want to redefine what success means to them and design the next chapter of life and work on their own terms in a way that feels fulfilling and meaningful to them.

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Ali Davies

Success Stories 

Hayley McKenzie

"Ali’s expert coaching on change strategies have helped me enormously as I grow my business. Her insight into the beliefs and behaviours we have, how they impact our actions, and how we can create new habits to change these, has allowed me to make a fundamental mindset shift and take bold action in my business. I would highly recommend her." 

Claire Graham

"Having worked closely with Ali, I can only say everyone needs a mentor like her!  I like practical solutions to real issues and Ali helped all who attended the program find theirs."

Samantha Jung-Fielding

"Ali is a very inspiring lady. I attribute my successful departure from corporate life and the creation of my own business to Ali’s expert coaching. Her own experiences from the business world ensure she is very in touch with the needs of her clients whilst her understanding of personal development techniques mean that she is also an expert guide for clients making changes in their private life.” 

Get strategies on how to achieve what matters most to you.

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