4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Setting Goals

Setting goals is an important part of the process of creating the results that matter most to you. 

But there are situations when setting goals is not always your best next step or an appropriate thing to be doing.

So, it is useful to know in what situations setting new goals might not be your best way forward. To help you with that, below are 4 reasons you should not be setting goals. 

If any of the points below apply to you, before you go charging into setting more goals, make sure you take action to deal with them so that you are setting yourself up to succeed in achieving the results that matter most to you.

4 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Setting Goals

1. You are already feeling overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate

If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything you already have to juggle, adding new goals into the mix is a recipe for creating even more stress, struggle, overwhelm, and failure. As a result, your chances of turning your goals into reality are greatly reduced. It makes much more sense to focus on taking action to deal with your feelings of overwhelm first.

2. You are constantly busy and overscheduled 

Achieving goals successfully requires time and space to think, plan and take new actions. If your schedule is already constantly full and you are stuck in the busy trap, you are less likely to achieve your new goals. Look for ways to take back control of your time and schedule before setting new goals. Set boundaries to protect what gets your time and attention. Set new goals only when you know you have time and space to work on them consistently.

3. Your current behaviour patterns and habits are getting in the way

Results are driven by your behaviour and habits. If your current behaviour patterns and habits are not aligned with what is needed to achieve your goals you may not get the results you most want. That is why working on achieving new goals often requires changes in behaviour and habits. But this is often overlooked. Take some time to identify the behaviours and habits that will set you up to succeed. Work on developing those things. On the flip side, identify current behaviours and habits that may sabotage your progress and keep you stuck. Commit to working on replacing them with behaviours and habits that will support achieving your goals.  

4. Your mental and physical energy feel depleted

Setting and achieving new goals takes extra mental and physical energy in addition to the mental and physical energy levels required for managing day-to-day life and work. So, if your energy levels are feeling depleted before you start, you are not in a good starting position to be as effective as possible. Hence, the results you desire are at risk. Put in place things that boost and maintain good mental and physical energy levels. Reduce or remove things that drain them.


Commit to dealing with what might hold you back or sabotage your progress and results. Focus on clearing your path of what doesn't serve you and put in place things that will set you up to succeed.

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